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Lenten Study


6:00 PM

The 2020 Lenten Study has been scheduled for Thursday evenings, March 12 through April 2, at 6:00 p.m. in the parlor, with our Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Mark Given. Here is a blurb from Dr. Mark about this year’s study: 

“In the late first century, a persecuted prophet named John predicted the imminent destruction of the cosmos and the return of Jesus Christ. He was wrong. So how did a failed ‘apocalypse,’ one of many, eventually become a part of the New Testament? What possible value could the book have after its failed prediction? Much in every way! Well, except the way of today's so-called biblical literalists who still try to read it as a book of predictions to be fulfilled in our time. Already in the early centuries of the first millennium, theologians found deeper meanings in John's revelations that sustained the faithful. In our times, a historical contextual reading of the book has the most to say to us, not by way of prediction, but of protection--protection from the seductions of worldly power and materialism. The book of Revelation presents a clash of kingdoms, the kingdom of God and its values, and the kingdoms of this world with their values. We live in a time when many Christians have lost a sense of the difference between these kingdoms and their values. Join me as we read and discuss New Testament scholar Craig Koester's outstanding guide to one of the most challenging books of the Bible.” 

The book is Revelation and the End of All Things (2nd edition), available in paperback or e-book. Here is a link to order online: crid=C8L85CC7S2TT&keywords=revelation+and+the+end+of+all+things+by+craig+koester&qid=15819 61064&sprefix=koester+the+end%2Caps%2C192&sr=8-1 

You may also order from other online sources, or check your local bookstore. 

Please sign up for the Lenten Study at the Missions table, and if you would like to order a book through the church office, please call or email the office by February 26. The cost is $15.00.