Apple Pies
This year, we will begin taking apple pie orders on September 2nd.  You can order one of our famous apple pies by calling the church office at (417) 862-7079.

Each year, pie proceeds go to support outreach efforts.  To find out more about South Street's outreach programs check out our
What We Do page.

History of Apple Pies at South Street
Apple Pies have a long history at South Street.  Freda Fielder was a respected member of South Street Christian Church.  A former home economics teacher, she was long acknowledged by the congregation as a premiere cook.  She was known by the entire community for her cooking programs on the radio and KY3.  Freda was very concerned with quality - she used only the best ingredients and she always took the time to "do it right."  She had equally high expectations of the people with whom she worked.  She often said, “Do it right the first time, because when in the world will you have time to do it over?” 

When the Christian Women’s Fellowship (now Disciples Women's Ministries) was looking for a fundraiser in 1975, Freda initiated the now-famous South Street Apple Pie Project.  She trained everyone to her high standards and insisted that the pie makers continue to keep the reputation of the pies as high as she had established.  Since then, the people of South Street have been gathering in the autumn of each year, two days a week for several weeks, making pies by assembly line, and using Freda’s recipe. 

These pies are a way for our South Street family to gather together in fellowship and raise money for local outreach programs.  We are now known throughout the state for generous and delicious apple pies.  It requires a minimum of 30 people to work on the assembly line and as many as 50 have been known to work simultaneously.  One season, we produced 3,081 pies!
Description adapted from South Street’s New Century Silver Cookbook.