Core Values

Our life together as a congregation is expressed in these values:

*God is revealed in our Judeo-Christian heritage

*Jesus is our best teacher and remains in relationship with his disciples

*God's spirit is quietly at work in our midst

*We welcome you to encounter Jesus (no matter where you are on your life journey) to find spiritual growth and to utilize your spiritual gifts

*We esteem education and the liberal arts

*We are inclusive in our language and conduct

*We practice tolerance, kindness and courtesy

*We teach stewardship to God's work and generosity to the world's need

*We strive for excellence in what we do for God


Freedom of Interpretation

Our specific beliefs have their roots in the free church tradition and the Restoration Movement of the 19th century, were forged in the mainline church movement of the 20th century, and are tempered by the best of contemporary scholarship.  We are a non-creedal church, asking only that congregants believe in Jesus.  It is up to the individual believer to work out her or his own doctrine.  We value personal freedom in matters of faith, and encourage personal responsibility to develop a coherent theology.  Through study, participation in worship, and involvement in small groups, members of South Street have the opportunity to live out their faith, to embrace the gospel, and to form their own ethic.  Obviously, we are people who have many different opinions, but we value our diversity.